London Eye II - DEMOCRART Collection
London Eye. London, 2012. Cod: CAP20120084
Dartmoor Road PB - ESTILO Collection
A narrow road crossing the Dartmoor National Park. This same image in colour is part of my "Caminhos" series. Dartmoor, 2012. Cod: CAP20120067PB
Newton Abbot's Train Station - ESTILO Collection
Newton Abbot's train station, Devon region, south of England. Newton Abbot, 2012. Cod: CAP20120064
King's Cross Station - FINEART Collection
King's Cross Station, where tens of students goes every 1st of September to embark onto the scarlet Hogwarts Express. London, 2013. Cod: CAP20130077
Cadenas Sur Le Pont de l'Archeveche - FINEART Collection
Lockets on the guard rails of the famous lovers bridge of Paris, the Pont de l'Archeveche. Paris, 2013. Cod: CAP20130053
La Spirale - ESTILO Collection
Spiral stairs to the lower levels of the Pantheon. Paris, 2013. Cod: CAP20130059
La Pyramide - FINEART Collection
Louvre's famous glass and metal pyramid. Paris, 2013. Cod: CAP20130041
To Rest - ESTILO Collection
A bench in the Louvre. Paris, 2013. Cod: CAP20130008
Geometria II
An external corridor around the building that houses Campina's Contemporary Art Museum (MAC) and the Municipal Library, and the back entrance of Campina's City Hall Building on the left. Campinas, 2017. Cod: CAP20170001
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