68 Boulevard de la Liberté
Photo taken with my smartphone and processed with Lightroom. Lille, 2023.
Roebuck House
Roebuck House, located at Cosham, Portsmouth. From my series "Hard Lines", one of the few in colours in this series. Portsmouth, 2021.
Stripped - FINEART Collection
Paulista Avenue, in São Paulo, captured with 35mm P&B film. São Paulo, 2013. Cod: CAP20130115
Brise I - FINEART Collection
Front side of "Palácio dos Jequitibás", Campinas' City Hall building. Campinas, 2013. Cod: CAP20130127
Palácio dos Jequitibás I - Collection Collection
Another capture of the front side of "Palácio dos Jequitibás", Campinas' City Hall building, this time a vertical in colours. Campinas, 2013. Cod: CAP20130128
Francisco Glicério, 1121 - FINEART Collection
The front side of the "Atibaia" building, at Francisco Glicério Avenue, in the heart of Campinas. Campinas, 2016. Cod: CAP20160024
Palácio dos Jequitibás II - FINEART Collection
The back side of "Palácio dos Jequitibás" building, Campinas City Hall. Campinas, 2016. Cod: CAP20160027
Av Prestes Maia 241 - FINEART Collection
"Palácio W. Zarzur" building, at Prestes Maia Avenue, São Paulo's city centre. São Paulo, 2016. Cod: CAP20160041
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