Stripped - FINEART Collection
Paulista Avenue, in São Paulo, captured with 35mm P&B film. São Paulo, 2013. Cod: CAP20130115
Brise I - FINEART Collection
Front side of "Palácio dos Jequitibás", Campinas' City Hall building. Campinas, 2013. Cod: CAP20130127
Palácio dos Jequitibás I - Collection Collection
Another capture of the front side of "Palácio dos Jequitibás", Campinas' City Hall building, this time a vertical in colours. Campinas, 2013. Cod: CAP20130128
Francisco Glicério, 1121 - FINEART Collection
The front side of the "Atibaia" building, at Francisco Glicério Avenue, in the heart of Campinas. Campinas, 2016. Cod: CAP20160024
Palácio dos Jequitibás II - FINEART Collection
The back side of "Palácio dos Jequitibás" building, Campinas City Hall. Campinas, 2016. Cod: CAP20160027
Av Prestes Maia 241 - FINEART Collection
"Palácio W. Zarzur" building, at Prestes Maia Avenue, São Paulo's city centre. São Paulo, 2016. Cod: CAP20160041
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